Fringe Domination

"Sometimes having long hair with a fringe is very useful when you don't want to look at people."

Just a funny joke I found on the internet, but obviously not my case, as my hair is half blond and you can perfectly see where it ends and the fringe starts. But what is truth is that fringe is very useful, and during this season we have tons of clothes with them in each fashion boutique. For me fringe is associated with summer, beach, music festivals and bohemian life, however this season we can perfectly wear it in cosmopolitan cities like Paris
Today I show you just an example of how to wear fringe. In my case, I decided to combine it with jeans, a lace crop top and a hat (hat is always a good idea with fringe). When I got these beautiful Sam Edelman heels (here), I knew I was gonna wear them with this fringe blazer/long shirt which I have in my closet since 1 year. 
Honestly, it's not very usual in Paris to see people with crop tops during the fall/winter season and everybody was looking at me, probably thinking that I was freezing, but I think this is one of our goals, to look different, and say something new in fashion industry (we can always wear a coat over, and the cold problem is solved). So if you like fringe, don't be shy and dare to wear it the way you like it more. I'm sure the result is gonna be amazing. 
Lot's of love.
Photos by Sebastian Erras

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