Portnoy Beso Moscow

Hello everybody. Today I am very happy to introduce you one of my best friends latest project, a new Haute Couture line based in Russia, Portnoy Beso Moscow.

"Portnoy Beso is a Russian couture brand based in Moscow.
The founder and creative director Beso Tura brought his vision to Russia after moving from Dubai where he used to be
a personal tailor of the Royal House. His noble background comes from Georgia where he saw the fine shapes of evening dresses of his mom and other women from a big family. His taste mixes the finest Russian and Georgian motives with Middle Eastern mysterious and charming designs. 

The lead designer is Irina Skabelkina. Portnoy Beso got a lot thanks to her vision and talent. Irina is a key person in projecting Beso’s vision into the world of Russian fashion, which has its own rules and trends. 

Portnoy Beso creates its luxury evening gowns for a self-confident and modern lady. She has achieved a lot but is never stopping. She combines the gentle femininity with powerful presence. The brand is aiming to become a destination for the world’s most discerning men and women, representing contemporary glamour and establishing Made in Russia craftsmanship as a global couture benchmark."

Website: www.portnoybeso.com
Lookbook: http://portnoybeso.tilda.ws/page51994.html

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