JohnKyril maxi bag

Hello my beauties,

Today I'm gonna introduce you a young leather goods brand, JohnKyril (born in 2013). 

Highlighting its beauty and simplicity JohnKyril is the alchemy between quality and sensuality. They offer models with clean, timeless lines, made with selected leather to ensure the highest quality, and use French manufacturing for the higher standards. All bags are made with selected leather therefore UNIQUE. Nobody can have the same JohnKyril bag. Every collection is made of roughly 100 pieces, with different sizes of bags and pochettes, and the appointment comes twice a year: Summer and winter collection. This small number of bags makes this brand even more unique and since we are talking about the exclusivity, you can get the bags and have a look at the whole collection only in their showroom in Paris. For more info visit John Kiryl

Me personally I love the bag and it's an everyday must have since I have it. Hope you like it too.

Lot's of love 



Photos by Sebastian Erras

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