Promenade in Paris

When it's July, but it's still cold and you need a blazer to cover your shoulders, you are actually having a parisian summer. Our city is famous for its changing weather and in summer you might need sunglasses and an umbrella at the same time. You never know...

This was a typical paisian summer evening: a little bit windy, a little bit cold, but still beautiful. We took some outfit pictures at Place VendĂ´me, one of my favorite places. You can see here one of my random daily outfits, very comfortable and cute without wearing any expensive piece.

Blazer: Mango, bought it 2 years ago in Mango's outlet. 

Long skirt: H&M, you can see it here

Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith

Purse: Mon Purse (here).

Hope you are enjoying your summer. 

Lot's of love.



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